Sunday, 10 October 2010

Genus: Dryocopus

The genus Dryocopus comprises seven species: three in the Old World and four in the New WorldWhite-bellied Woodpecker D.javensis has a fragmented distribution in south-east Asia with many distinct subspecies; Andaman Woodpecker D.hodgei is restricted to the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean; Black Woodpecker D.martius is widespread in Eurasia; Pileated Woodpecker D.pileatus is found in North America; Lineated Woodpecker D.lineatus is fairly widespread in Central and South America; Helmeted Woodpecker D.galeatus occurs locally in eastern Paraguay, north-east Argentina and south-east Brazil and is classified as a vulnerable species; Black-bodied Woodpecker D.schulzi occurs in southern Bolivia, central Paraguay and parts of Argentina, where it is localised. Photo: Male Black Woodpecker, Hungary.

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