Thursday, 19 January 2012

Picid in Focus: Green-barred Woodpecker

Green-barred Woodpecker Colaptes melanochloros occurs in South America, south of the equator, in parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina. There is some variety in plumage among the five currently recognized races. This photo of a female (lacks red malar) taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Karel Zajicek.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Literature: The Red-cockaded Woodpecker

This full title of this important book by Richard N. Conner, D. Craig Rudolph and Jeffrey R. Walters is The Red-cockaded Woodpecker: Surviving in a Fire-maintained Ecosystem. The authors document the story of this endangered picid, covering just about every angle there is in great detail, from history, evolution, behaviour, ecology, forestry, conservation and the associated politics. All in all, essential reading. Published by University of Texas Press, Austin, USA, in 2001. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Picid In Focus: Buff-necked Woodpecker male

A nice shot of a male Buff-necked Woodpecker Meiglyptes tukki. Note the red malar area, females lack red. Photographed in Peninsula Malaysia by Tan Choo Eng.  

Monday, 2 January 2012

Literature: Woodpeckers of Eastern North America

This book by the late Lawrence Kilham was first published in 1983 by the Nuttall Ornithological Club, then later re-issued by Dover Publications, New York, in 1992. It is out-of-print but still fairly easy to find. It is a great book by a great observer of woodpeckers. It mainly covers Downy, Hairy, Black-backed, Pileated, Red-headed and Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and Northern Flicker, and to a lesser extent Crimson-crested and Pale-billed Woodpeckers. It is fact-filled, the facts mostly established by the author himself over years of devoted observation and study of both wild and captive picids.